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No such thing as bad publicity! Some say it was an inside job the man who egged nick griffin (last year?)

Andrew Davies

You raise a good point! God damn you! haha

Looking at both sides of the story though, someone who had never heard of Nick Griffin before may have seen that coverage, then proceeded to search for him online. From there, who knows what could happen.

Bryce Wilcock

Genious of the Rangers fans to photoshop that picture, with their ever proud protestant views! Great article about whether any publicity is good publicity, especially with the queen falling in popularity within recent years.

Andrew Davies

Hi Bryce

Thanks for the comment.

I'm not the greatest fan of the Royal Family but understand how useful they are to the UK as a PR tool.

The sad thing for me is that I believe no matter what new form of communication they Royal Family attempt I cannot see it increasing their popularity. The even sadder thing is that the one thing that may increase their popularity (The Royal Wedding) can accidentally be their biggest PR success yet!


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