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A good read, interesting on how the media contradicts itself, just shows how it will jump on any story. Also it is funny how they slate the NHS for over reacting when the whole swine-flu epidemic was made into a panic frenzy by the media!!

Andrew Davies

It's a funny one to look into as there are many papers that contradict themselves and on a number of occasions it's the same journalist.

The fact the papers built up the pandemic to scare the public into believing that it would kill millions and sell papers, whilst at the same time Sir Liam Donaldson told everyone to remain calm is a joke. Considering that months later and the pandemic under control, Sir Liam is 'overreacting' and 'quits' his role as Chief Medical Officer due to his 'overreaction'.


Funny but sad, a good example is The SCUMS(oops SUNS) decided change to support the Tories aren't the media suppossed to be unbiased anyway?

Andrew Davies

Am I right in sensing a little scouse hostility to The Sun there? Haha


Just read the above blog. PROOF READING ??????

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